"Allirea" is the Australian Aboriginal meaning of quartz.  This line contains different shapes of quartz crystals,  pastel color cords, brass tubes, and colorful jade & agate beads.  It was inspired by the geometric shapes of the  tetrahedra forms and uses the color motif of winter entering spring. 


Dash-Dot is the second collection by meiresthai design. Inspired by the language of coding, the collection is a study of sequence and colour.  Elements are arranged in a composition of lines and points to create a graphic form.  The designs are the result of a playful articulation of materials and tones, which after finding the perfect balance, create the final statement. 


Tessellation is the inaugural collection by meiresthai design. The line was inspired by the geometry and patterns used in architectural motifs. The shapes and patterns are abstracted from different decorative patterns in history. The simplicity of the forms are accentuated by the contrasts in metals, colours and textures. Throwing out the old idiom that you can’t wear silver with gold, the collection is really a play of tones, using the contrasts of the metals to become an element within the designs.