To maintain the look of your jewellery store pieces in boxes or re-sealable bags as prolonged exposure to air can lead to tarnishing.  We suggest storing your pieces with the anti-tarnish tab we have provided.  Avoid wearing pieces while sleeping, showering or exercising.  Be sure to apply cosmetics, lotions and perfumes prior to wearing your jewellery.  Remember to take care when wearing jewellery as scratches and abrasion can wear away the finish and plating.  We highly recommend cleaning your jewellery on a regular basis.  You can do this by wiping the pieces with a soft 100% cotton cloth or by washing them in warm water with mild dish detergent or soap, be sure to dry metals thoroughly.  Caring for your pieces can extend their life and ensure that you’ve always got something to brag about.

Metals react differently to various body chemistry and elements in the air and can darken or tarnish over time.  If this happens try the following cleaning techniques:

For Brass:

Use a brass polisher like Brasso which can be purchased at any hard ware store.  If you want to kick it old school try polishing with toothpaste (non-whitening type) and a soft brush.  You can also try covering the piece in ketchup and letting it sit for a few minutes.  Be sure to rinse the pieces with warm water and dry thoroughly with 100% cotton cloth.  Always be gentle when rubbing the pieces so that you dont damage the finish.

For Plated metals:

Try washing in warm water with mild dish detergent or soap.  For a stronger solution try cleaning with toothpaste (non-whitening) and a soft brush.  Remember that plating is thin layer of silver or gold on a base metal so take care not to be too abrasive when rubbing as this will damage the plating.  Be sure to rinse the pieces with warm water and dry thoroughly with a 100% cotton cloth.

For Fabrics:

Wash by hand with a mild detergent rubbing gently.  Thoroughly dry any metal pieces that have come in contact with water and lay the fabric flat to air dry.  If your fabric necklace looks a bit wrinkled you can iron on a low setting.